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Ekrem Auto Upholstery was founded by Ekrem Atasoy in 1977 in Ankara, Turkey. Until 2010, it offered services on auto upholstery and interior restoration of automobiles.

As of 2002, we started to produce vehicle-specific velour carpet mats using European origin velour automotive carpets. In the first years of production, we were selling the mats we produced only in our workplace, since internet sales were not as widespread as today.

With the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to exhibit our products on our website. Thus, our palaztex.net and palaztex.com websites started to operate. We sell velour carpet mats and other automotive textile products and accessories on these two websites.


Time Line


In the first years of the establishment, we provided service in the field of auto upholstery making and repair. We were generally serving premium brands such as Mercedes and BMW. Auto upholstery construction is a very difficult job and requires both craftmanship and an aesthetic point of view.

making velour floor mats


In 1989, we started to sell automotive textile products. Among the products we sold, there were products such as auto upholstery fabrics, faux leather, genuine leather, automotive carpets, and headliner fabrics. Many original automotive fabrics in our stock remain from those days.

velour floor mats on showroom


In 2002, we started the production of velour carpet mats using automotive carpets of European origin. We were selling velour floor mats only in Turkey in those years. As today, the edge and stitching color of the mats could be customized by our customers.

car upholstery fabric


In 2008, our first website ekremotodoseme.com was opened and we started to exhibit our products on our website and became more known locally.


By 2017, our customers were now able to place orders through our website. We started to display hundreds of different products with real images on our website.

beige carpet mats velour palaztex


In 2020, we started to serve internationally with palaztex.com. Again, we started to display all products with using their real photos on our website and strengthened the promotion with the help of videos. We are currently serving many brands and models with over 1000 different patterns.

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