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Automotive OEM Upholstery Fabrics

oem original automotive fabrics

               To find your car’s upholstery fabric may be difficult. Especially if your vehicle is old or classic. Many automotive brands use different type of automotive fabrics. In this post we take a closer look at auto upholstery fabric. Enjoy the reading.

original automotive fabrics

Fabrics For Car Seats

               Auto upholstery fabrics are woven more dense than standard fabrics and are relatively more durable. However, whether the fabrics are of good quality or not, they wear out over time and often tear. Mostly, the side supports of the seat, which we come into contact with while sitting, are worn out. If these worn parts are replaced with the appropriate type of car upholstery fabric, both the interior appearance of your car will be better and the value of your car will increase. Because the condition of the auto upholstery directly affects the price.

               In short, the condition of the auto upholstery affects both the feeling of use of the vehicle and directly affects the price of the car. Replacing fabrics that have worn out just for this reason is not a dead investment. It is a method that will save you more than the money you spend on your vehicle.

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Automotive Fabrics Type

               Different types of fabric are used for different areas in the automobile. Generally, auto upholstery fabric wears out due to cigarette burns and use. These worn fabrics can only be replaced with equivalent car seat fabric or door upholstery fabric. It is preferable that the new part is exactly the same material, if possible. However, if the same fabric cannot be found, fabric with a similar color and pattern can also be used.

               Auto upholstery fabric types can have many different appearances. For example, the seat parts of the fabric are generally made of patterned fabrics, while the sides are made of plain patterned or unpatterned fabrics. Vehicle door upholstery fabrics are mostly made of velvet plain patterned materials. However, some cars’ door upholstery fabrics may have different patterns. Since door upholstery fabrics are usually changed as a set, it is easier to find harmony. All it takes is finding the right fabric.

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Automotive Fabrics’ Price

               Auto upholstery fabric prices vary according to the type of fabric. Especially many classic automobiles’ fabrics cannot be found. Classic automobiles’ fabrics are generally more expensive and more difficult to find. And stocks are very limited. If you are looking for a suitable upholstery fabric for your vehicle, we will try to help you if you send us the brand and model of your vehicle and the image of the fabric via whatsapp or email. Do not hesitate to contact us for interior upholstery fabrics.

               Unfortunately, not every material can be found for your auto seat fabric request. Especially many of the old materials have been used over the years and are withdrawn from the market. As, we take care to keep a wide variety of materials in stock. You can review these materials in our constantly updated catalog below. Every material in the catalog is unused auto upholstery fabrics, so it may look a little different from the fabrics of your car, which wears out over time and has faded as a result of sunlight.

Automotive fabrics are delivered to customers quickly by, via international shipping. If you have difficulty in determining the amount of fabric you need, you can ask us for help and get information about the application after making the purchase.

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Auto Door Panel Fabrics

               Most cars have a certain amount of fabric on the door upholstery. The sponge part under these fabrics rots and sags over time. Before changing the door upholstery fabric, the old fabric should be completely removed and the part where the fabric will be adhered should be cleaned. Shoe type adhesive should be applied to the cleaned part and the fabric to be adhered and the bonding process should be done.

               It is easier to match because the door upholstery fabric is usually changed as a set inside the vehicle. Again, you can search for the suitable fabric in the catalog or you can order the most suitable covering fabric by consulting us. You can find many videos on the internet about how it is done, or you can get information about the application by asking us. Our company only sells materials and does not provide labor services. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to respond to your requests regarding workmanship.

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How Do I Buy The Fabric Suitable For My Vehicle?

               First you need to determine the type of fabric of your vehicle. Then you can check whether the fabric to fit your vehicle is in stock or not by using our catalogue. If you could not determine the suitable fabric in the catalog or if you need an equivalent fabric, you can contact us via our whatsapp communication line. You can share the images of the fabric you are looking for with us.

               After the payment is received, the fabric is packed in the agreed size and sent. Auto upholstery fabrics are carefully packed to prevent damage during transportation and the tracking number is shared with the customer.

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Automotive Fabrics Catalog

               By clicking on the catalog below, you can reach the types of fabrics classified according to vehicle brands. You can contact us for more detailed images. Please consider color deviation due to camera setting or monitor calibration.


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