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Bmw Velour Carpet Floor Mats

If your Bmw’s floor mats are old now and you are thinking to replace them with new ones then you are at the right place! As PalazTex, produce velour carpet mats for many Bmw models. In this post, we are going to talk about custom-made Bmw floor mats. Enjoy the reading.

Custom Made Carpet Floor Mats For Bmw

We know everybody loves custom design products because everybody has different tastes. Especially Bmw users generally love custom design auto accessories for their cars. Since we know that, we produce custom design velour carpet mats for every Bmw model.

Like genuine Bmw carpet mats, we produce the carpet mats by using velour automotive carpets. Velour carpets have a soft surface and a nice looking. By the way, if you want to get more information about velour carpet mats you can read the “what are velour floor mats?” post.

What Are The Customizing Options For Bmw Mats?

Simply we offer 4 customizing options for velour floor mats. These are Carpet Colors & Qualities, Stainless Steel Metal Logos, Vinyl Edge Colors, and Stitching Colors.

vinyl edge options

You can design your velour floor mats by making selections among these customizing options. We offer you more than 30 different velour carpet options in 4 different qualities, and 10 different color options for the stitching and edging. Let’s assume that your car has blue leather seats with white stitching. Then you can customize your mats by selecting white stitching with a blue vinyl edge. To sum up, velour floor mats have numerous customizing options.

By the way, if you are looking for custom Bmw logo floor mats, you will love our stainless steel logos. These logos are made of aisi 304 quality and this is corrosion-resisting steel. Dimensions of the metal logos: 11×2,5 cm.

Bmw 1 Series Carpet Mats

1 series carpet mats suitable for 116i 120i 128i 135i and 1M models. With M sport metal logos, you can decorate the velour floor mat set. Thanks to the velcro fixing system, they do not slip on the ground. Click on the picture below to reach 1 series category.

1 series

Bmw 2 Series Carpet Mats

For the 2 series coupe and active tourer models, velour floor mats fit your car perfectly like a genuine floor mat set. With M performance and other steel logos decorate your premium carpet mats as you wish.

2 series

Bmw 3 series Carpet Mats

3 series is the most selling Bmw series. From E21 to G20, 325ci 328i 330i 335i 340i Sedan, Coupe, Cabrio-Convertible we produce premium velour carpet sets for every 3 series models. With stainless steel logos you can improve your velour mats’ appearance. To find a suitable carpet set for your car click on the picture below.

3 series

Bmw 4 Series Carpet Mats

4 series have sporty looking F32 F36 G22 428i 430i 440i models. Like other Bmw series, we produce custom design carpet mats for Bmw 4 series. With metal M performance or 4 series logos, you can decorate the set. To reach the 4 series category click on the picture below.

4 series

Bmw 5 Series Carpet Mats

The 5 series is the most known Bmw series. 520i 525i 528i 535i 540i 550i are some engine options for this series. If you are looking for carpet mats for Bmw 5 series, then you may like our carpet mats options for your car. To reach Bmw 5 series carpet mats category please click on the picture below.

5 series

Bmw 6 Series Carpet Mats

The story of Bmw 6 series begins with E24 (1976). Today 6 series consist of 4 generations. Like the other series, we produce velour carpet mats for 6 series 635ci 640i 645i 650i with stainless steel metal logos.

6 series

Bmw 7 Series Carpet Mats

The 7 series is manufactured since 1977 and consists of six generations. The series has many engine options like 740i 745li 750li. In the 7 series category, you will find exact matching carpet mats for your car. Also, with steel logos, you can decorate the velour mats according to your taste.

7 series

Bmw i Series Carpet Floor Mats

Bmw i series consists of i3 electrical and i8 plug-in hybrid cars. i series is the sub-brand of Bmw and was founded in 2011. Bmw i series velour carpet mats are designed for perfect fitment like genuine floor mats. To reach i series category, click on the picture below.

i series

Bmw X1 Carpet Floor Mats

X1 is the smallest Bmw’s SUV series. It was introduced in 2009 with E84 model. Today, X1 second generation is on sale. Bmw X1 carpet mats are manufactured and designed for E84 and F48 models. By clicking on the picture below you can reach the X1 Series category.

x1 series

Bmw X3 Carpet Floor Mats

X3 series have been produced since 2003 and the series is based on 5 series. The series is on sale with its third generation. Consist of third generations and these are E83 (2003), F25 (2010), G01 (2017).
We also produce carpet mats with logo for X3 series. To reach the category click on the picture below.

x3 series

Bmw X4 Carpet Floor Mats

X4 series is a new Bmw’s Suv series and has been produced since 2014. Today the series is on sale with second generations. You can reach the X4 category by clicking on the picture below. X4 carpet mats are produced from European Origin velour automotive carpets.

x4 series

Bmw X5 Carpet Floor Mats

Bmw X5 series was introduced in 1999 and since that day preserve their popularity. Now X5 series is on sale with its fourth generation. Bmw x5 carpet floor mats like our other Bmw velour mats, specially designed for the series. To see all the carpet mat set options for X5, please click on the picture below.

x5 series

Bmw X6 Carpet Floor Mats

Bmw X6 series consists of 3 generations and these are E71 (2008), F16 (2015), G06 (2020). Bmw X6 carpet mats which we specially produce for the series, fit your car like genuine floor mats. The set consists of 4 pcs and thanks to their velcro fastening system, they do not slip on the ground. To reach X6 category, click on the picture below.

x6 series

Bmw Z Series Carpet Floor Mats

Bmw Z series consists of two seats roadster models. We also produce velour carpet mats for the Z series. Before you order a new floor mat set, you can customize them according to your taste. To reach the Z series category, click on the picture.

z series

International Express Shipping

All the Bmw velour carpet mats are specially produced for the related car models. After your order, your premium carpet mats are produced in 3 business days. We work with well-known transportation companies such as FedEx or Dhl. Generally, they deliver the packages in 7 business days.