Bmw Uberkaro OEM Style Upholstery Fabrics

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Uberkaro Anthracite Fabrics For Your Renovation Projects

We are here with Bmw E30 Uberkaro auto upholstery fabrics that we reproduce faithfully to the original color and pattern. You can choose the option that suits your budget among the two options we offer. The fabrics are 140 cm wide and laminated with 3 mm foam. They are ready for an easy application.

bmw e30 uberkaro fabric close up

2 Options For Uberkaro Fabric

The first option we offer is more expensive and woven from cotton yarns like the original Uberkaro fabric. The color and pattern of this fabric is closer to the original Uberkaro fabric. This fabric has a matt appearance.

The second option is woven with polyester yarns and is an economical option. Its surface appearance is brighter than cotton fabric.

Both fabrics are sold by the meter. When ordering, the fabric in the quantity you choose is sent. In other words, you should choose 1 piece for 1 meter fabric and 3 pieces for 3 meters fabric.


Why Uberkaro Fabrics are so Special

Because they look more elegant than other plaid car upholstery fabrics. Also, the fact that they are used in vehicles such as Bmw E30 makes them special. The most important thing is that they can be used in every model car regardless of the year of production. Because their designs are timeless.

bmw e30 uberkaro seats


How Many Meters Need For The Applications?

For Seat Covers: 5-6 meters
For Headliner: 2-3 meters
Sold by meter
Fabric width 140 cm
Laminated with 2mm foam


We ship everywhere!
North America: 4-8 Days
Europe: 3-7 Days
Australia & New Zealand: 7-10 Days

Additional information


Polyester, Cotton


2 Meters, 3 Meters, 4 Meters, 5 Meters


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