Seamless Type Quilted Auto Upholstery Vinyl Leather Types

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Seamless Quilted Vinyl Upholstery Materials

54 Different color options for seamless quilted auto upholstery vinyl material. Quilted synthetic leather options are quite popular nowadays. But these seamless options are good alternatives for those who are looking for a little bit different interior upholstery material. Without stitching, they look both classic and elegant. We offer 9 color and 6 pattern options. 

Popularity Of Quilted Vinyl Upholstery Leather

Nowadays quilted vinyl upholstery material is quite popular. You can see them in the interior of the new Bmw 7 Series and S Class. Premium brands such as Porsche, Range Rover, and Mercedes prefer to use them in interior design because of their luxury appearance. Seamless automotive leather can be used for seats, headliners, door panels or other design ideas.

6 Type And 54 Color Options

Square, wave, stripe, cromo, honeycomb and diamond are the pattern options. Beige, sandy, gray, red, burgundy, tan, black, blue and brown are available color options for the all patterns. 



How Many Meters Are Needed For The Applications?

For Seat Covers: 5-6 meters
For Headliner: 2-3 meters
Sold by meter
Roll width 140 cm
Laminated with 6mm foam


We ship everywhere!
North America: 4-8 Days
Europe: 3-7 Days
Australia & New Zealand: 7-10 Days

Additional information

Type Selection

Square Type, Wave Type, Stripe Type, Diamond Type, Croma Type, Honeycomb Type

Color Selection

Beige, Sandy, Gray, Tan, Brown, Red, Burgundy, Blue, Black


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