What Are Velour Floor Mats?

Velour floor mats are premium and good-looking products. They are made of dense woven automotive carpets and these carpets comply with automotive standards. Thanks to this, velour floor mats are odorless automotive accessories.

Advantage Of Using Velour Floor Mats

Many premium automobile brands including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche prefer to use velour floor mats in their car. Because velour floor mats are both useful and good-looking automobile accessories. You can use them in your car in all weather conditions. They are also easy to clean products. To clean them all you need is a simple brush.

These are the main advantages of velour floor mats

  • Easy to clean and odorless.
  • Perfect fit 
  • Non-slip backing
  • Compatible fixing systems
  • Stainless steel metal logo options
  • Different color and quality options
  • Customizable vinyl edge & stitching

Easy To Clean

Velour floor mats are, thanks to their soft and regular surface structure, easy to clean products. You can clean them with an ordinary carpet cleaning brush easily. Also, they are washable products.

velour mats easy to clean

Perfect Fit

We use different patterns in floor mats production for every different car model. And these patterns are the same dimensions as the original dimensions. Therefore they fit your car very well like an Oem floor mat set.

perfect fit car floor mats

Non-Slip Backing & Fixing Systems

Velour floor mats have non-slip backing and they do not slip on the ground. Also if your car has mat fixing system we produce your floor mats system with compatible fastening systems

car floor mats fixing systems

Stainless Steel Metal Logos

If you are looking for a floor mat set with logos, then you may like our stainless steel logo options. Metal logos are made of aisi 304 steel and they improve floor mat set’s appearance definitely.

metal logo category

Customizable Vinyl Edge & Stitching Color

Velour floor mats are fully configurable products. You can customize them by changing their edge and stitching color. Thanks to the different stitching and edge color combinations we can produce more than 1000 different velour floor mat sets for a single car model!

vinyl edge color

Quality & Carpet Color Options

We offer you more than 40 different carpet color options in 4 quality options. In our catalog, you can find many color options including beige, anthracite, black, gray, brown.

Standard Series

Standard carpet series suitable for ones who are looking for an economical oem fit floor mats for their car. Color options are limited in this quality.

standard carpet series

Special Velour Series

The special velour series includes many different color options such as beige, anthracite, gray and black. They are the same quality as Oem floor mats.

special velour series

Super Velour Series

Super velour series includes many color options like special velour series but offer more quality. They are durable and better than Oem Mats.

super velour series

Deluxe Velour Series

Last and highest quality is Deluxe velour series. Deluxe velour carpets are thick (up to 20 mm) and have soft fibres. If you want a deep pile or plus luxury floor mat set then you may like their looking.

deluxe velour series

How Can I Order A Velour Floor Mat Set?

We exhibit our products on our website. To reach the velour floor mats category please click on the below picture. We have listed them according to vehicle brands.
You can make your payments with your credit & debit cards or via bank wire transfer.

velour floor mats category

How Long Does Production Take?

Velour floor mats are produced in 3 business days.
International shipping may take 5-8 business days.

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