Metal Logos For Floor Mats

Floor Mats With Metal Logo 

There are many automotive accessories in markets. Floor mats are one of them. Many automobiles manufacturer use carpet floor mats in their car. And some of them such as Mercedes, prefer to use velour floor mats with embroidered or metal logos. As we palaztex we offer you stainless steel metal logos for floor mats.  

In our previous post we talked about velour floor mats. You can read this post by clicking here.  

Stainless Steel 

Metal floor mat logos are made of stainless steel and they are cut with cnc laser cutting system. Thanks to precise cutting technic every metal logo looks same and perfect. Material is important. Aisi 304 stainless steel does not corrode easily. Therefore, stainless steel metal logos shine on floor mats for a long time. 

 Where Are They Used? 

Answer is simple everywhere. We produce these metal logos for floor mats but you don’t have to use them only on floor mats. Stainless steel metal logos are versatile products. For example you can mount them on your backpack. Since they are stainless and shiny, they look good wherever they are used. Be creative! 

 How Can I Mount Them 

They have two mounting holes and we send them with two screws, nuts and washers. First you must make a hole by the help of needle or pin. Then by using screws and nuts you can fix the metal logos. All this process is very easy and you need hex key and some other ordinary tools.  

 How Can I Buy Them 

There are many stainless steel metal logo options in this category. Make your selection and order them today! Every set send with two screws, nuts and washers. You can use them wherever you want.  

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