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Velour Carpet Floor Mats

velour floor mats category

Velour carpet floor mats are made of EU-origin certificated automotive carpets. They are fully customizable products. Vinyl edge color, stitch color and carpet color can be selected by our customers. Now view our velour floor mats category and customize your velour floor mats as you wish. Also do not forget to add stainless steel metal logos.

Premium automotive brands such as Mercedes Bmw or Range Rover prefer to use velour floor mats in their car. Because velour carpet floor mats are premium products. Thanks to their easy to clean structure they can be cleaned easily with an ordinary hand brush. As we palaztex we have been producing velour floor mats for many models and brands since 2002. 

Velour Trunk Bags

velour trunk bag

Customizable velour trunk bags are made of same the same materials as velour carpet mats. When placing an order you can select the vinyl edge, stitching and stainless steel logo type as you wish. If you don’t like cheap looking products a velour trunk-cargo bag is a good choice.

Stainless Steel Metal Logos

metal logo category

Stainless steel metal logos are designed and produced to decorate carpet floor mats. They are fully stainless steel and never rust. Dimensions of these metal logos: 11×2,5 cm and you can use them anywhere! Before order velour floor mats, do not forget to add stainless steel logos. 

As we said, stainless steel metal logos can be used everywhere. For example you can decorate your backpack with them. We use high quality aisi 304 quality stainless steel in metal logo production. Therefore they do not rust and always shine! 

Automotive Oem Seat Fabrics

automotive upholstery fabric category

Genuine Mercedes, Bmw, Volkswagen and other automotive fabrics. Perfect to renew your car old upholstery. In our stock you can find many rare automotive fabrics. All these fabrics are limited stock. Also if you are searching fabric and you can’t find in our stock, you can contact us.

If your car is a classic one you have already known that their spare parts are not easy to find. Especially their upholstery materials are maybe the hardest to find. Over the decades we have spent in the industry, we have added these fabrics to our stock. You can view our online fabric catalog by clicking the title.

Automotive Headliner Fabrics

automotive car headliner fabrics

If your car headliner is sagging, you can renew it with new headliner fabric. Check out the category and order a new headliner fabric. Make your own headliner restoration and reduce the cost.

Black, beige, gray, blue, red… many color options. Sold by meter with international shipping. Check out the catalog and renew the old sagging headliner.

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Over 40 years we make custom made velour floor mats and sell upholstery materials. Velour floor mats are premium and customizable auto-accessories. We can make velour floor mats more than 1000 different car models and 50 different brands.

Automotive fabrics and Stainless steel logos are other product groups. You can find our all products in our web site. We wish you a pleasant shopping

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