We have been selling auto upholstery materials since 1977. The products we sell include original auto upholstery fabrics, custom made velour floor mats and other auto upholstery materials. We display all our products online. Some of our products are as follows; velour carpet mats, stainless steel metal logos, original auto upholstery fabrics

Velour Floor Mats

Velour floor mats are our most selling products. They are made from Eu origin automotive carpets. These automotive carpets comply with automotive and environmental standards. Main feature of velour floor mats is their customizable structure. You can design your velour floor mats as your wish. By clicking the picture below you can reach floor mats category.


OEM Automotive Fabrics

We also sell genuine automotive fabrics. These automotive fabrics are hard to find products. Especially if your car is a classic, then you have already known this. In our stock there are many different upholstery fabrics. To view these upholstery fabrics please click on the picture.


Car Headliner Fabrics

If your car headliner is sagging, you can renew it with new headliner fabric. Check out the category and order a new headliner fabric. Make your own headliner restoration and reduce the cost.

automotive headliner fabrics category