• Bmw Velour Carpet Floor Mats
    If your Bmw’s floor mats are old now and you are thinking to replace them with new ones then you are at the right place! As we PalazTex, produce velour carpet mats for many Bmw models. In this post, we are going to […]
  • Custom Car Carpet Mats – Edge & Stitching Combinations
    Velour carpet floor mats are custom design automotive accessories. They differ from ordinary rubber and carpet mats with their customizable structure. Let’s assume that you bought a rubber floor mat set for your car. Color options are always limited for rubber or all-weather […]
  • Mercedes Ribbed Car Floor Mats
    If you have a Mercedes then maybe you are familiar with Ribbed carpet floor mats. Mercedes prefers to use them in interior design because they are both good-looking and durable mats. Under normal use, most of the floor mats deform in 3-4 years. […]
  • What Are Velour Floor Mats?
    Velour floor mats are premium and good-looking products. They are made of dense woven automotive carpets and these carpets comply with automotive standards. Thanks to this, velour floor mats are odorless automotive accessories. Advantage Of Using Velour Floor Mats Many premium automobile brands […]
  • Automotive OEM Upholstery Fabrics
                   To find your car’s upholstery fabric may be difficult. Especially if your vehicle is old or classic. Many automotive brands use different type of automotive fabrics. In this post we take a closer look at auto upholstery fabric. Enjoy the reading. Fabrics […]
  • Custom Made Velour Floor Mats
    Luxury Velour Floor Mats               Custom made velour floor mats are elegant car accessories. Forget about cheap carpet floor mats. The velour floor mats fit your car perfectly thanks to our precise cutting technic. The most amazing feature of custom made floor mats […]