1. Carpet Catalogs

A) Standard Carpet Series

1500-1750 g/m2 (up to 7 mm)

Standard carpet series suitable for ones who are looking for an economical oem fit floor mats for their car. Color options are limited in this quality.

B) Special Velour Series (Like Your Oem Mats)

2000-2500 g/m2 (up to 9 mm)

Special velour series includes many different color options such as beige, anthracite, gray and black. They are the same quality as Oem floor mats.

C) Super Velour Series (Better Than Original)

3000-3500 g/m2 (up to 12 mm)

Super velour series includes many color options like special velour series but offer more quality. They are durable and better than Oem Mats.

D) Deluxe Velour Series (Highest Quality)

3800-4200 g/m2 (up to 20 mm)

Last and highest quality is Deluxe velour series. Deluxe velour carpets are thick (up to 20 mm) and have soft fibres. If you want a luxury floor mat set then you may like their looking.

1. Vinyl Edge Catalog

2. Stitching Catalog

3. Heelpad Options

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