Velour Custom Trunk Bags For Audi

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Custom Made Velour Trunk Bag For Audi 

If you are about to buy a velour carpet mat set for your car, you may also be interested in the velour luggage bag. These bags are made of the same material as the velour carpet mats and are available with selectable edging, stitching color and metal logo options. You can have a more detailed idea about the product by checking the photo gallery, you can customize the product and place an order.

Key Features Of Velour Trunk Bags

  • Customizable vinyl edge & stitching colors.
  • Stainless steel logo options.
  • Soft, velvet surface texture.
  • 50x25x15cm (20x10x7in) ideal dimensions.
  • Large storage volume.



Vinyl Edge Options

vinyl edge color options

Stitching Options

Logo Options

metal logo options for audi trunk bag


We ship everywhere!

North America: 4-8 Days

Europe: 3-7 Days

Australia & New Zealand: 7-10 Days

Vinyl Edge Color

Black, Anthracite, Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Beige, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Brown, Camel, Velvet-Black, Carbon-Black, Navy Blue, Mustard, Brick Red, Stone Beige, Light Yellow, Pale Blue, -, -, –

Stitching Color

Black, Brown, Green, White, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Red, Light Brown, Beige, Burgundy, Orange, Navy Blue, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, –

Metal Logo

No Logo, A4 Series, A5 Series, A6 Series, A7 Series, A8 Series, Q3 Series, Q5 Series, Q7 Series, Q8 Series, A3 Series, Audi, Premium, Turbo, Sport


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