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Custom Made Velour Floor Mats

custom made fit velour floor mats

Luxury Velour Floor Mats

              Custom made velour floor mats are elegant car accessories. Forget about cheap carpet floor mats. The velour floor mats fit your car perfectly thanks to our precise cutting technic. The most amazing feature of custom made floor mats is customizing. Velour floor mats are fully configurable from vinyl edge color to stitch color. You can customize your floor mats as you wish. In addition, we offer you stainless steel metal logos. You can decorate the velour floor mats with them and you can have custom car floor mats with a logo!

luxury velour floor mats


What Is Velour Floor Mat?

              The meaning of velour is velvet. It is generally made from synthetic polyamide. Velour floor mats are made from polyamide piles. Thanks to their weaving technic velour floor mats provide a soft and comfortable surface for both drivers and passengers.

              Many Premium car brands like Audi, Bmw or Mercedes prefer to use velour floor mats. They use velour floor mats because velour floor mats are the best looking floor mats and also they are useful.

beige gray black velour mats


Customizable – Design Your Velour Floor Mats

              As we mentioned, velour floor mats provide a comfortable surface for everyone. But another and maybe the biggest advantage of using velour floor mats is customizing. Velour floor mats are fully configurable. You can design your velour floor mats as you wish. With 4 customizing options, we can make more than 4000 different velour floor mats for a single vehicle.

design your car mats


High Quality Materials

              We use high quality and certified velour automotive carpets in velour floor mats production. These velour automotive carpets are made from polyamide piles. They differ from ordinary carpets with their dense weaving technic. Most carpets that use in floor mats production are not dense weaved products. The weight of the ordinary carpets varies between 350-750 g/m2. But as we said velour automotive carpets are dense weaved products and the weight of the velour automotive carpets vary between 1500-3500 g/m2.

high quality materials -velour floor mats


Odorless & Non Slip

              Most of the users who are using “all weather floor mats” complain about odor problems. Rubber floor mats may cause odor problems in vehicles. Because most of these rubber mats are made from recycled materials. But velour floor mats are made from materials that are odorless and nonhazardous.

              They have also non slip back. Thanks to this back velour floor mats do not slip on the ground. If your car has a mat fixing system, then we produce your velour floor mats with a compatible fixing system.


Custom Fit

              We produce velour floor mats with a computer-aided cutting system and use different templates for every different car model. So velour floor mats fit your car perfectly. We create the templates by using genuine floor mats templates. If you want fitted floor mats for your car, then will love our velour mats.

custom fit floor mats


Easy To Clean

              Velour floor mats are easy to clean products. Thanks to their dense weaving texture they can be cleaned easily. To clean them properly all you need is a simple hand brush. If you regularly brush them, velour floor mats can preserve their first day looking for a long time.

              They are washable products but if you brush them regularly, you don’t need to wash them. If you want to wash them please do not use pressure water or washing machines. You can wash them gently with the help of a hand brush.

velour mats easy to clean



Custom made velour floor mats are fully configurable. You can customize your velour mats as you wish from edge color to stitch color. Velour floor mats can be customizable with 4 customizing options. These are vinyl edge, stitch, carpet color, and metal logotype. We can produce thanks to these customizing options more than 4000 different custom made car carpet floor mats.


Velour Carpet Color Options

              First customizing option is carpet color. In our stock, we have many carpets in different colors. Blue, black, gray and beige is some of them. If your vehicle’s upholstery is beige then you can select beige carpet color. There are many carpets in different colors in stock so that everyone can select the color they want. To view these carpets please check our online catalog.

custom made floor mats color options


Viny Edge Color Options

              The second customizing option is vinyl edge color. We produce velour floor mats with vinyl edge binding. Vinyl edge binding is colorful and more durable than overlock edge. Another advantage of using vinyl edge is customizing. By changing the vinyl edge color, you can improve velour floor mats’ appearance. For example if you want a sporty looking mat set than you can choose vivid colors like red or orange for vinyl edge binding. Please check our online catalog to reach the catalog.

vinyl edge color


Stitch Color Options

Stitch color is third customizing option. Like vinyl edge color, stitch color is also customizable. Again you can choose a vivid color for sporty looking products. But also to make harmony you can consider the upholstery color or trim color. There are more than 10 different color options for stitch in our online catalog. To see all the stitch color options please check the online catalog.

thread color catalog


Stainless Steel Metal Logo Options

              If you want custom made car floor mats with a logo, you are at the right place. Forget about embroidered floor mats. We offer you stainless steel metal logos! These metal logos are made from stainless steel (to be specific: aisi 304 stainless steel). They always shine on velour floor mats, never rust. Dimensions of these metal logos: 11×2,5 cm.

              To decorate velour floor mats using stainless steel metal logos definitely improve the appearance of velour floor mats. We have metal logos nearly for every brand. To see these metal logos please visit our metal logo category.

stainless steel metal logos



Production Of Velour Floor Mats

              As we Palaztex we are an automotive floor mat manufacturer. In production, we use Eu-origin high quality and certified automotive carpets. To make our customers happy, we always offer them many colors and customizing options.

              Velour floor mats are elegant products. If you want luxury carpet floor mats for your car then you will love our velour floor mats. They fit your car perfectly because we use different templates for every different car model.

              Since they are customizable and handmade items, we need 1-3 days for production. After your order production is begun by considering your selections (vinyl edge color, stitch color, carpet color and logo type). Production is finished in 3 business days and final pictures of velour floor mats are shared with you. After your approval we pack them very well to prevent any damage in transportation process.

automotive floor mats production


              Shipping time changes between 15-30 days and it depends on your location. We share the tracking number with you. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

world wide shipping



Audi Velour Floor Mats

              Luxury Audi velour floor mats for Audi A series (A3, A4, A5…) Q Series (Q3,Q5…). With Audi metal logo options. Audi velour floor mats have Audi compatible fixing system and therefore they do not slip. Now you can customize your velour floor mats. Audi uses velour floor mats in their car. To view Audi velour floor mats category please click the picture below.

audi velour floor mats


Bmw Velour Floor Mats

              Genuine Bmw floor mats are always velour. We can produce velour floor mats for every Bmw (3 series, 5 series, 7 series…) model. With velcro fixing system Bmw velour floor mats do not slip. We also offer Bmw & M performance stainless steel metal logos. You can use the Bmw or M performance metal logos to decorate your velour floor mats. By clicking the picture below, you can view Bmw category.

bmw velour floor mats


Mercedes Velour Floor Mats

              Like Bmw, Mercedes uses velour floor mats. We produce velour floor mats for every Mercedes like A class, C Class, E Class, S Class… We also offer you stainless steel Amg and Mercedes metal logos. By using the metal logos you can improve your Mercedes velour floor mats. Mercedes velour floor mats have fixing systems and do not slip on the ground (if genuine floor mats have fixing system). To reach Mercedes category please click the picture below. Note: In our stock we have ribbed genuine Mercedes carpets!

mercedes velour floor mats