Bmw 3 Series E21 Velour Carpet Floor Mats 1975-1983

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Bmw E21 (First 3 Series) Velour Carpets

Refresh interior appearance of your vehicle with Bmw E21 velour carpet floor mats. Velour floor mats are made of Eu origin automotive carpets and these carpets comply with automotive and environmental standards. They are fully configurable products from vinyl edge color to stitching color. You can specify all the details from the edge color to the stitching color. You customize them, and we produce them!

Features Of Bmw E21 Carpet Mats

  • Perfect fit guarantee.
  • Stainless steel metal Bmw or M performance logo options.
  • Easy-to-clean and odorless.
  • Non-slip backing.

Soft Surface

Velour automotive carpets differ from ordinary carpets. They offer a comfortable use with their tightly woven soft surface. Automotive carpets, with a weight of 2000-3500 g/m2, are used in the production of velour mats. Please click on the picture below to check out the online catalog. You will see there are many customizing options in the catalog.

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Different Metal Logos

Stainless steel metal logos, they never rust and always shine on the mats. With their ideal dimensions (11×2.5 cm), they look very stylish on floor mats. You can choose  Bmw, M performance or another metal logo and decorate your mats. To reach the metal logo category, please click here.

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Stitching & Vinyl Edge Combinations

Velour floor mats, complete with vinyl edge, are fully customizable special automotive accessories. You can select the edge color according to the upholstery color of your vehicle and catch harmony. In short, you can customize your mats as you wish. Please check out the catalog for edge and stitch color options.

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Forget about hard-to-clean cheap carpet mats. Velour floor mats keep all the dirt on their pile thanks to their densely woven structure. All you need to clean your velour floor mats is a simple hand brush like in the picture below. Please do not use pressurized water or washing machine while cleaning the mats.

velour mats easy to clean

Suitable For:

Bmw 3 Series E21 1975-1983 – Coupe

4 pcs – 2,8 kg/set – polyamide – recyclable



Velour floor mats are produced within 2-4 working days after an order is received. Shipping usually takes 5-8 days for the US and 3-5 days for EU. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Additional information

Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions90 × 45 × 5 cm
Steering Wheel Position

On the left side (lhd), On the right side (rhd)

Carpet Color & Quality

Standard – Dark Gray, Standard – Black, Special Velour – Black, Special Velour – Beige, Special Velour – Gray, Special Velour – Light Brown, Special Velour – Dark Beige, Special Velour – Light Gray, Special Velour – Dark Gray, Special Velour – Gray Loop, Special Velour – Black Loop, Special Velour – Anthracite, Special Velour – Blue, Super Velour – Beige Ribbed, Super Velour – Black Ribbed, Super Velour – Beige, Super Velour – Red, Super Velour – Anthracite, Super Velour – Light Gray, Super Velour – Gray, Super Velour – Dark Gray, Super Velour – Brown, Super Velour – Black, Super Velour – Light Brown, Super Velour – Navy Blue, Deluxe Velour – Black, Deluxe Velour – Milky Brown, Deluxe Velour – Silky Beige, Deluxe Velour – Mbenz Anthracite, st1

Vinyl Edge Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Anthracite, Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Brown, ****, *****

Stitching Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Brown, Green, White, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Red, Light Brown, Beige, **, ***, ****, *****

Heelpad Options

No Heelpad, Black Heelpad, Beige Heelpad, Gray Heelpad


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