Car Headliner Fabric Selection – Do It Yourself

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Automotive Headliner Fabrics

With increasing labor prices, it is very costly to restore their car for many users. Many users are searching for a way to reduce restoration costs. You can buy headliner fabrics from our company and by making your own headliner restoration and reduce the cost.


Car Headliner Fabric Prices

Headliner fabric price changes according to material and varies between 20-30 USD per meter. The restoration cost of sagging old headliner fabric is around 250-300 USD. But you can save your budget by making your headliner restoration and it costs 60-70 USD for you. 

If you need assistance we also help you with this process.

Automotive Headliner Materials

Automotive headliner fabrics are fabrics that are laminated with low-density foam. According to the production technic, they may have a soft sued surface or plain surface and they are mainly produced in beige, black, and gray colors. 

Why Do Car Headliners Sag

As we mentioned above car headliner fabric is laminated with foam and this foam layer wears off over time due to environmental factors such as hot weather, humidity, etc. Since this layer is adhered to the headliner carton, headliner fabrics sag generally in 7-10 years.

Materials and Equipment For Car Headliner Repairing

You don’t need special equipment and materials for car headliner repair. You will need;

  • Brush (for removing old foam from headliner carton)
  • Screwdriver set.
  • Glue.
  • New headliner fabric.

sagged auto headliner repair

How Can I Fix A Sagging Headliner?

First of you need to remove the headliner from your car. After that, you need to remove the old fabric from the headliner. Which is not difficult since the fabric had already sagged. After removing the old fabric, you will see a headliner carton that is covered with an old foam layer. You should remove this old layer by brushing with a brush. When the headliner carton is fully clean, you can cover it with a new headliner fabric.

Tip: You can make the application easier by heating the headliner fabric with a hairdryer.


headliner carton with old foam layer cleaned headliner carton

Important Notes

  • Be careful to remove the old fabric from the headliner carton.
  • Under the headliner carton, there may be cabling.
  • Glue type is important. Make sure you are using the correct type


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Additional information

Fabric Selection

1-Anthracite, 2-Black, 3-Blue, 4-Beige, 5-Brown, 6-Gray, 7-Light Gray, 8-Dark Gray


2 Meters, 3 Meters, 4 Meters, 5 Meters


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