Mercedes CLK W208 Velour Carpet Floor Mats 1997-2002

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Mercedes CLK W208 Velour Carpet Floor Mats – Perfect Fit

With specially designed Mercedes Clk W208 velour floor mats, your vehicle’s interior looks elegant. Velour floor mats are produced by using certified, original European-origin automotive carpets. They protect your car’s upholstery with reinforced backing, against any liquid leakage. Also, they do not slip on the surface, thanks to their granule backing, and don’t spoil your driving pleasure.

We always offer you plenty of automotive carpets. By clicking the catalog picture, you can review our online catalog. Grey, black, and beige there are many color options available. You can customize your velour floor mats as you wish with customizable vinyl edge and stitching color.

Mercedes CLK W208 Carpet Floor Mats – Features

  • All materials we use in the production of carpet mats are imported by our company from Netherlands and Belgium. Imported carpets are original automotive carpets and are manufactured only for automotive floor mats production.
  • Velour floor mats are made only from automotive carpets above a certain standard. The weight varies between 1500-3850g/m2 and thickness vary between 7-20mm, for automotive carpets that we used.
  • Automotive carpets are produced to comply with automotive standards. They are certified with En 14041 certificate and this certificate declares that there is no harmful effect of these automotive carpets on nature or humans’ health.
  • Thanks to special templates, velour floor mats perfectly fit your car like genuine Mercedes Clk floor mats. 
  • Also, we offer you stainless steel metal logos at no extra cost. Metal logos are made of 304 stainless steel, they do not rust. Amg and Mercedes logos are available now. 
  • Many customizing options are available, for example, you can select blue vinyl edge color! Also, you can customize the stitch color too. In short, we make your floor mats exactly as you wish.

Metal Logo Options

mercedes clk metal logos

Velour Floor Mats – Cleaning

Every floor mat should be cleaned periodically, velour mats too. If you clean them periodically, they keep their new looking for a long time. All you have to do is brush them with a middle-hard brush or vacuum cleaner. Also, velour floor mats are washable. But you should do this with only the traditional method. Pressurized water or washing machine may damage carpet mats.


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We make customizable floor mats and therefore these floor mats are not off-the-shelf products. They are produced only after your order and ship everywhere. They are well packaged to avoid damage during the transportation process. Delivery time may change between 4-8 days depending on your location.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions90 × 45 × 5 cm
Steering Wheel Position

On the left side (lhd), On the right side (rhd)

Carpet Color & Quality

Standard – Dark Gray, Standard – Black, Special Velour – Black, Special Velour – Beige, Special Velour – Gray, Special Velour – Light Brown, Special Velour – Dark Beige, Special Velour – Light Gray, Special Velour – Dark Gray, Special Velour – Gray Loop, Special Velour – Black Loop, Special Velour – Anthracite, Special Velour – Blue, Super Velour – Beige Ribbed, Super Velour – Black Ribbed, Super Velour – Beige, Super Velour – Red, Super Velour – Anthracite, Super Velour – Light Gray, Super Velour – Gray, Super Velour – Dark Gray, Super Velour – Brown, Super Velour – Black, Super Velour – Light Brown, Super Velour – Navy Blue, Deluxe Velour – Black, Deluxe Velour – Milky Brown, Deluxe Velour – Silky Beige, Deluxe Velour – Mbenz Anthracite, st1

Vinyl Edge Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Anthracite, Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Brown, ****, *****

Stitching Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Brown, Green, White, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Red, Light Brown, Beige, **, ***, ****, *****

Metal Logo - Mercedes

No Logo, CLK, Mercedes, Amg, Turbo, Sport, Premium

Heelpad Options

No Heelpad, Black Heelpad, Beige Heelpad, Gray Heelpad