Mercedes EQA H243 Velour Carpet Floor Mats 2021-2024

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Velour Carpet Mats for EQA Series

Produced in Mercedes EQA series original carpet mat set dimensions, the velour carpet mat set has Mercedes compatible mat fixing clips. Thanks to its velvet surface structure, the floor mats offer a comfortable pressing surface and can be easily cleaned with a simple brush. You can create your order by customizing the stitching and carpet color of the mat set decorated with EQA metal logos. Don’t forget to browse our catalog for all customization options

EQA Velour Mats-Specifications

  • EQA stainless steel metal logos.
  • Velvet densely woven surface structure.
  • Production according to original floor mats dimensions.
  • Mercedes compatible floor mat clips.
  • Odorless automotive carpets

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Manufacturing in Original Size

EQA floor mats are produced in original carpet mat set dimensions and compatible with Mercedes floor mat fixing system. The automotive carpets used are Dutch origin velour automotive carpets and comply with automotive standards. You can review our catalog on our website to see all carpet options and create your order by choosing the one that suits your budget among 4 different carpet qualities.

EQA Metal Logo

Velour carpet mats are decorated with stainless steel metal logos, a premium alternative to embroidered logos. Metal logos measure 11×2.5 cm and are attached to the front mat set with the help of bolts and nuts. Metal logos made of stainless steel are not affected by washing or wetting the mats, you can find all metal logo options in the image below.

mercedes eqa metal logo

Customizable Edge, Stitching, Carpet Colors

Velour carpet mat set is available with customizable edge stitching and carpet color. While creating your order, you can make your choices according to the interior details of your vehicle and enjoy using the carpet mat set specially produced for you. You can find all customization options in our catalog and make your choices easily.

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Since we produce them by using dense woven velour automotive carpets, our floor mats keep the dirt on their piles and it makes them easy to clean. Cheap car floor mats keep the dirt in their piles and which is not good. Because cleaning them is difficult since they keep the dirt in their piles. To clean your velour mats, all you need is a carpet brush. If you brush them regularly, they look elegant for a long time.

velour mats easy to clean


We ship everywhere!

North America: 4-8 Days

Europe: 3-7 Days

Australia & New Zealand: 7-10 Days

Additional information

Weight 3,14 kg
Dimensions 90 × 45 × 5 cm
Steering Wheel Position

On the left side (lhd), On the right side (rhd)

Carpet Color & Quality

Standard – Blue, Standard – Black, Special Velour – Black, Special Velour – Beige, Special Velour – Black Ribbed, Special Velour – Green, Special Velour – Gray Loop, Special Velour – Black Loop, Special Velour – Anthracite, Special Velour – Blue, Super Velour – Beige Ribbed, Super Velour – Light Brown, Super Velour – Beige, Super Velour – Anthracite, Super Velour – Light Gray, Super Velour – Gray, Super Velour – Brown, Super Velour – Black, Super Velour – Navy Blue, Super Velour – Plush Beige, Deluxe Velour – Black, Deluxe Velour – Silky Beige, Deluxe Velour – Mbenz Anthracite, Deluxe Velour – Olive Green, -, -, -, -, -, –

Vinyl Edge Color

Black, Anthracite, Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Beige, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Brown, Camel, Velvet-Black, Carbon-Black, Navy Blue, Mustard, Brick Red, Stone Beige, Light Yellow, Pale Blue, White, -, –

Stitching Color

Black, Brown, Green, White, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Red, Light Brown, Beige, Burgundy, Orange, Navy Blue, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, –

Metal Logo

No Logo, EQA, Mercedes, Amg, Turbo, Sport, Premium

Heelpad Options

No Heelpad, Black Heelpad, Gray Heelpad, Transparent Heelpad


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