Range Rover Sport Velour Floor Mats

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Range Rover Sport Velour Carpet Mats

Range Rover Sport velour carpet floor mats protect your car’s upholstery very well. We produce them by using patterns that are the same as genuine floor mats. Therefore they fit your car perfectly.

Velour floor mats are not ordinary products. They are premium looking automotive accessories. You can’t customize ordinary carpet or rubber floor mats but you can customize your velour floor mats as you wish. Now you can customize your floor mats and order today. Also do not forget to add Range Rover stainless steel metal logos!

Range Rover Sport Carpet Floor Mats – Features

  • Perfect fit guarantee. 
  • Stainless steel metal Range Rover logo options.
  • Easy-to-clean and odorless.
  • Non-slip backing.
  • Range Rover Fixing System (eyelet)

Special Velour Carpets

Why velour floor mats are so special? The answer is related to the material. Velour floor mats are produced from tufted automotive carpets. These automotive carpets’ surfaces feel and look like velvet. Because of this velour floor mats are comfortable and good-looking products. For floor mat production we use high grade automotive carpets (1500-3500 g/m2). Select carpet color and order your new velour mats!

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Stainless Steel Range Rover Logos

Metal logos are designed and produced to enhance your vehicle’s interior appearance. With metal logos, velour floor mats absolutely look better. Range Rover metal logos are aisi 304 stainless steel and mounted on floor mats with screws and nuts. Their dimensions are 11*2,5 cm.

range rover sport metal logo for floor mats

Finished With Vinyl Edging

Velour floor mats are finished with the vinyl binding edge, and the color of this edge can be chosen by the customer. You can select any color for the vinyl edge. For example black carpet + red vinyl edge beige carpet + blue vinyl edge. You can also select the sewing thread color. Shortly, you can customize your velour floor mats as you wish. 

vinyl edge color


Thanks to their velvet like soft texture they are cleaned with a hand brush like in the picture effortlessly. If you want proper cleaning you can carefully wash them. Please for cleaning you don’t use pressurized water, or washing machines. After washing them you should dry them before use in your car.

velour mats easy to clean

Suitable For:

Range Rover Sport (2005-2010) (2010-2013) (2014-)

4 pcs – kg/set – polyamide – recyclable


Velour floor mats are as we mentioned above premium, good looking, and most importantly customizable products. Consequently, we do not produce them before an order. Production begins with your order and is finished in three work days. Shipping may take 3-8 days. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions90 × 45 × 5 cm
Steering Wheel Position

On the left side (lhd), On the right side (rhd)


2005-2010, 2010-2013, 2013-2017, 2013-2017 V8 Super Charged, 2017-Present, 2017-Present V8 Super Charged

Carpet Color & Quality

Standard – Dark Gray, Standard – Black, Special Velour – Black, Special Velour – Beige, Special Velour – Gray, Special Velour – Light Brown, Special Velour – Dark Beige, Special Velour – Light Gray, Special Velour – Dark Gray, Special Velour – Gray Loop, Special Velour – Black Loop, Special Velour – Anthracite, Special Velour – Blue, Super Velour – Beige Ribbed, Super Velour – Black Ribbed, Super Velour – Beige, Super Velour – Red, Super Velour – Anthracite, Super Velour – Light Gray, Super Velour – Gray, Super Velour – Dark Gray, Super Velour – Brown, Super Velour – Black, Super Velour – Light Brown, Super Velour – Navy Blue, Deluxe Velour – Black, Deluxe Velour – Milky Brown, Deluxe Velour – Silky Beige, Deluxe Velour – Mbenz Anthracite, st1

Vinyl Edge Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Anthracite, Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Brown, ****, *****

Stitching Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Brown, Green, White, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Red, Light Brown, Beige, **, ***, ****, *****

Metal Logo - Range Rover

Range Rover, Sport, Premium, Turbo, No Logo

Heelpad Options

No Heelpad, Black Heelpad, Beige Heelpad, Gray Heelpad