Audi Q5 Velour Carpet Floor Mats

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Audi Q5 Sq5 Velour Carpet Mat Set

Audi Q5 velour carpet floor mats are made from high-quality EU-origin, tufted automotive carpets. Many premium automotive manufacturers like Audi prefer to use velour floor mats in their cars. The genuine Q5 floor mat set is also made of velour automotive carpets. Now, you can customize your velour floor mats and make your vehicle’s interior stylish with the custom design mat set. Also do not forget to add stainless steel metal logos. Fit for Q5 and Sq5 models.

Features Of Audi Q5 Carpet Mats

  • Perfect fit guarantee.
  • Stainless steel metal Audi logo options.
  • Easy-to-clean and odorless.
  • Non-slip backing.
  • Audi original fixing system

Perfect Fitment

Automotive carpets have to comply with automotive standards such as En 14041. Velour automotive carpets comply with all necessary automotive standards, they do not include waste materials and they are odorless. We offer you many color options. By clicking the picture below you can check out the online catalog.

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Stainless Steel Floor Mat Logos

Metal logos are perfect choices to decorate luxury velour mats. Velour mats look perfect with metal logos (especially black ones). Audi stainless steel metal logos are made from 304 stainless steel and never rust (they are made from stainless steel directly, they are not coated or plated) We mount them on the front velour floor mat set their dimensions: 11×2,5 cm.

audi q5 metal logo

Custom Design – Vinyl Edge & Stitching

If you want a custom design floor mat set for your Q5 then your are at the right place. Velour floor mats are configurable, custom design car accessories. You can define all the details when ordering. You will find all these customizing together in the online catalog. Check out the catalog and make your selections.

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We know no one likes cleaning floor mats. Because cleaning them is not easy. But on the other side, velour floor mats differ from ordinary floor mats, with special woven technic. Even with a brush like in the picture, you can clean them. You don’t need to wash them if you brush them regularly. If you want to wash them please do not use pressure water or washing machines.

velour mats easy to clean

Suitable For:

Audi Q5 Series (8R 2008-2017)

We design velour floor mats separately for each model.

4 pcs  – polyamide – recyclable



Velour carpet floor mats differ from other carpet floor mats with customizing options. We produce every mat set considering our customers’ selections. And therefore velour floor mats are made to order products. We need 2-5 business days for production. Shipping time may take between 5-9 days. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional information

Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions90 × 45 × 5 cm
Steering Wheel Position

On the left side (lhd), On the right side (rhd)

Carpet Color & Quality

Standard – Dark Gray, Standard – Black, Special Velour – Black, Special Velour – Beige, Special Velour – Gray, Special Velour – Light Brown, Special Velour – Dark Beige, Special Velour – Light Gray, Special Velour – Dark Gray, Special Velour – Gray Loop, Special Velour – Black Loop, Special Velour – Anthracite, Special Velour – Blue, Super Velour – Beige Ribbed, Super Velour – Black Ribbed, Super Velour – Beige, Super Velour – Red, Super Velour – Anthracite, Super Velour – Light Gray, Super Velour – Gray, Super Velour – Dark Gray, Super Velour – Brown, Super Velour – Black, Super Velour – Light Brown, Super Velour – Navy Blue, Deluxe Velour – Black, Deluxe Velour – Milky Brown, Deluxe Velour – Silky Beige, Deluxe Velour – Mbenz Anthracite, st1

Vinyl Edge Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Gray, Beige, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Brown

Stitching Color

-Same Color As The Carpet, Black, Brown, Green, White, Blue, Gray, Yellow, Red, Light Brown, Beige

Model Years

8R 2008-2017, FY/FYT 2017-

Metal Logo - Audi

Q5 Series, Audi, Premium, Turbo, Sport, No Logo

Heelpad Options

No Heelpad, Black Heelpad, Beige Heelpad, Gray Heelpad

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